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Creekside Naturals

Zen Comfort Chews

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Creekside Naturals Zen Comfort for Children* was created by a pediatrician for kids with symptoms of anxiety, stress, nervousness, restlessness, hypersensitivity, and overstimulation. These are not gummies. They are delicious raspberry fruit chews made with real fruit and the same gentle blend of natural active ingredients as our original kid-friendly anxiety supplement.

Dr. Natalie's one-of-a-kind formula contains:

5-HTP (50 mg), L-Theanine (25 mg), Passionflower (3.5 mg), Vitamin B6 (2.5 mg), Vitamin D (400 IU), and Zinc (1.25 mg)


Anxiety, Stress, Calming, Relaxing

Active Ingredients

5-HTP, L-Theanine, Passionflower, Vitamin B6, Vitamin D3, Zinc,

Additional Info

Flavor: Raspberry
Count: 60
Form: Fruit Chews
Ages: 2 & up
Other Ingredients: organic tapioca syrup, organic cane sugar, raspberry compote, fruit pectin, dehydrated raspberry, citric acid, malic acid, hydroxytryptophan, l-theanine, passion flower extract, zinc, organic stevia

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Clinically Driven, Naturally Made