Not Gummies! Real Fruit Chews.

Real Fruit Chews: Children's Sleep Aid | Children's Anxiety Comfort
We are thrilled to announce the launch of our real fruit chews! Over the years, many customers have asked us to consider creating "gummy" versions of their favorite Creekside Naturals products. Well, we did one better...Children's Sleep Aid and Children's Anxiety Comfort are now available in the form of delicious fruit chews made with honest-to-goodness real fruit.

Creekside Naturals Real Fruit Chews

Not Gummies! Real Fruit Chews
Our goal was to preserve the fidelity of Dr. Natalie's original formulas and produce a product that was delicious. We created a real fruit chew that is unlike typical, gelatin-filled, "flavored" gummies that stick to your teeth like marshmallows. Our unique fruit chews taste like fruit because they are real fruit!

Real Fruit Means Real Flavor
We produced an undeniably delicious fruit chew bursting with real fruit flavor. Children's Sleep Aid fruit chews are made with real strawberries. Children's Anxiety Comfort fruit chews are made with real raspberries. Creekside Naturals real fruit chews taste better than any gummy we've tried, and we think you will agree.

Whole Spectrum Technology

Whole Spectrum Technology
We insisted that the extraction process of any natural plant ingredients be clean and sustainable, and Whole Spectrum Technology allowed us to capture virtually all valuable compounds in the plant ingredients (chamomile, griffonia, passion flower), resulting in quality and wholeness well beyond "full spectrum." In other words, our superior process creates a superior product with ingredients that are faster acting, stronger working, and longer lasting.

The Verdict
It's simple: Creekside Naturals real fruit chews taste better than gummies, and are better for you than gummies. Try them today!

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